Do you believe that before Adam and Eve became ‘sinful’ they were animals?

I am a believing Christian, but have realized something about Genesis.

It’s what we call an “origin story,” and every culture emerging from the stone age has had one. Abraham’s origin story is similar to one from a thousand years before, in the same area of the world.

Here’s an observation: When GOD said to look into the heavens to see HIS signs and wonders, there was no caveat saying, “Don’t look too close.” In the last 150 years or so we have been getting better and better at looking close. What we see is that GOD said “Let there be light” over 13 billion years ago. Further, that the WORD, who made all things that were made, has created around two hundred sextillion stars – these are what we can see in the observable universe.

So when we declare that every single other origin story there ever has been is made-up, whimsical, and absolutely unrelated to the actual world around us, then take Abraham’s (which is ditto) and call it rock – “Our origin story is ROCK!” we wind up denigrating the glory the GOD has made.

Do you quail before a 13 billion year universe, as opposed to six thousand? What you’ve done is down-scale GOD by a factor of two million.

Do you recall the story of Job? What happened when he decided to quibble with GOD? What might happen if you have the chance, and ask GOD to confine HIMself to a six thousand year span?

The WORD confined himself into the limitations of a human life, the one we know as Jesus. GOD the Father perfused himself into the Abrahamic Scripture, such that it both provides a perfect guide to obedience, faith, and moral behavior, as well as drips with prophecies of the coming Messiah.

Requiring yourself to believe only in a GOD with a six thousand year span is about as reverent as to change over and pick up some other primitive origin story and love that one instead – you’ve squandered he chance GOD gave you to understand the glory that you worship.

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