Is it true that we, as human beings, have the ability to give certain things power, and that God and Satan didn’t exist but we somehow created them?

Christians believe that, at the instant of the Big Bang, GOD invented the periodic table and all of quantum physics. Not only that, but the periodic table was tuned just right for carbon based life, DNA, protein folding to work, and a thousand yada’s.

My GOD is an awesome GOD.

On the other hand if there is no such, then all we have is an astoundingly fortuitous physics and chemistry, and no such thing as any divinity.

I just critiqued a questioner for asking an either-or question, alleging that there should be third, fourth, etc. possibilities, but the questioner simply assumed in full naivete that no other answers could exist, just because they hadn’t come to mind at that moment.

So let’s leave it there; given that we know the universe’s size, e.g. two hundred sextillion stars in the observable universe, and an age of roughly 13 billion 780 million years, surely somebody in the last couple of thousand years here on earth could have come up with several alternatives to the two I allege above.

In fact they have. They’re called novelists, for the most part.

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