Is it possible that there are multiple “Gods” running the Universe?

It takes power beyond the ability of a human brain to register, much less describe, to create a universe such as this one. I believe that not two but THREE god’s made the universe, except for the fact that all three of them are parts of the same GOD.

John 1:1-3 “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was GOD, and the WORD was with GOD. All things that were made were made by the WORD.”

So there’s that part, the second person of the trinity.

Genesis 1:3 “In the beginning GOD said, “Let there be light.”

I regard that as the SPIRIT breathing out the WORD.

Your mileage may vary, but for there to be something capable of calling the universe into existence, all 13.78 billion years and, evidently, all two hundred sextillion stars in it, the ability of a human to conceptualize or even comprehend that GODness is, well, let’s be kind and say it’s insufficient.

But the idea of two or more such, bumping into each other and deciding to create nuclear physics and the table of elements, then turning them loose via a Big Bang – that does seem unlikely.

Look at it like tinker toys or LEGO. On the grand creative scale, there is the top level where objects get conceived of and made to exist, and on the next level where objects come together to make “things” i.e. clumps that not only stick together and have a shape, but are capable of some mechanical function.

Physics and the table of elements are as much more intricate than tinker toys. So is GOD is much more intricate and vast than we are. I think it’s a workable analogy to picture this world as consisting of elements which are capable of BEING assembled but SELF-assembly, i.e. DNA based life.

We may have a hard time figuring out the odds for those first lipids, enzymes, etc. to arrive at a first cell that can manage to make another cell – the odds are ‘astronomical,’ pun intended. We can’t tell whether GOD stirred the multiple millions of  cubic miles of hot primordial chemical soup, over hundreds of millions of years, on ten to the humpty-dumpty planets, or was that enough for the first cell to ‘fall into place’ at least once? (Uh, humpty-dumpty isn’t really a technical word.)

With two times ten to the twenty-third power of suns to find a likely planet in orbit around one or more of them? THIS planet did ‘get there’ and I can’t determine whether GOD stacked the deck just by the way the table of elements is tuned to work, or instead had to intervene for the first cell to come together. And for that matter, the question is way above my pay grade. 🙂

Oh, we are supposed to worry about WHO runs the universe. That’s also way above my pay grade, but my nickel says the Christian Triune GOD makes a very good candidate.

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