Do you think we are the only life in the universe?

This is an uneducated guess.

First, intelligent life is pretty unstable. In one one-hundred-thousandth of the sun’s age we have gone from cave man to astronaut. No telling how much farther we’ll get, but there is now sufficient destructive power in the hands of monomaniacal tyrants to “drain the swamp” (my term) in nothing flat.

Second, life if left to develop long enough might become intelligent – but it took three billion years (sixty percent of the sun’s age) for single-celled life to invent sex (full-on gene swapping) for speciation to really take off, and another six hundred million years (twelve-ish percent of the sun’s age) for an intelligent species to arrive. Upshot – sketchy at best, even if single-celled life does come about.

Third, people who dislike the idea of evolution usually make ridiculous assertions, but they have managed to detail the enormous odds against that first single cell ‘falling together,’  sort of like a whirlwind through a million junkyards assembling a working airplane. Upshot – beyond sketchy.

Fourth, on the other side of that huge coin, THIS planet began with a mix of water and other useful elements, and lots of heat, and hundreds of millions of years, and vast millions of cubic miles to work with. The math for that is above my pay grade, but given that there are two by ten to the 23rd stars, the likelihood that some other star may have its own goldilocks-like planet which also, at some point in the last seven or eight billion years (( the elements on this planet can only have come from the collision of two massive neutron stars, so that makes the odds far skinnier than you’d think )) maybe some other star in some other galaxy has / had life develop there, too.

As a Christian who believes that GOD said “Let there be light,” and who respects the physicists who believe that happened 13.78 billion years ago, I will not deny the idea that GOD made the universe the size it is just so that HE could watch it spin and evolve life this once. As to whether HE set up life to happen more times than once, I’ll wait until the chance arises to ask HIM personally. That is, if the question even occurs to me when I get there.

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