What aspects of the Bible don’t Muslims agree with considering they don’t accept full authority of the Bible and consider it “corrupted”?

First, Muslims insist that who/whatever that was on the Cross, it/he died for good and it wasn’t Jesus. Other stories conflate Noah, Moses, and the Pharaoh as though they were contemporaries. I could be wrong on the fine print, but it was a major Biblical figure a thousand years or more away from Moses/Pharaoh on the time line.

GOD of the Old Testament, and the New, can get upset and nasty, but it takes handfuls of generations before HE boils over and sends a neighboring power, Assyria, to take Israel to the salt mines – they never came back and the Book of Mormon claims that they crossed the Bering Strait and became / blended with Native Americans. Side note: Take a look through a hilarious movie called Blazing Saddles; there you may notice an Indian chief, cameo’d by Mel Brooks himself, speaking Yiddish. Mel, it seems, was having a funny at their expense. End side note.

Israel lost for good around 730 to 720 BCE – Jerusalem, or Judah from which we get Judaism and Jew, fell to Babylon around 565 BCE but was restored roughly 70 years later when Babylon got overrun by the Persians, and the new king rubbed their noses in it by sending the Jews back with a big letter of credit and instructions to rebuild the wall. None of this is hinted at in the Muslim Scripture.

GOD in the Muslim Scripture acquired the name Allah around 630 CE, or half way through their prophet’s tenure. Prior to that the name belonged to the pagan Arab Moon Goddess. Thus when Muslim texts allege that Moses et al were Muslims, the got GOD’s name wrong, to say nothing of the fact that their GOD was utterly unlike the Muslim version.

The Christian Trinity is latent in dozens of so-clear-you-can’t-miss them passages all through the Gospel of John, alone. Jesus for instance allowed a Samaritan woman to worship Him – and a couple of dozen different times Jesus uses, in the original Greek text scribed by John himself, a term for I AM than can only refer to GOD’s name as HE gives it in the Pentateuch. The prize of these is during His trial in the temple court just prior to being crucified, when what he says (“Moses was glad to see my day,” hinting that Moses the identity outlasted Moses the physical body) “and before Moses was, I AM.” John’s gospel in its first two verses connects the WORD with GOD, and states that the WORD took human flesh as Jesus. He lived here to endure the privations and insults of a human life, to among other things offer His human body unto death on the cross such that all sins of all humans who ever have lived / do live / will live are ‘paid’ – the wages of sin are death.

So to say that a Trinity is a polytheism is a distinction without a difference. Can a worm decide that ten toes make ten people vs just ONE? In the same vein, how can a created being employing three pounds of wet chemical computer contrive a definitive answer to the nature and makeup of his Creator? This is just one of the panoply of confusions and errors which Islam today treats as ultimate truth, not because they make any sense whatsoever, but because Authority is revered in their culture while logic is belittled – – – – the three pound computer idea from their perspective.

I feel like the ad pitch man on late nite TV, “Only $19.95, but wait, there’s more!”

A lot more.

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