Can someone write a sonnet about the environment?

The request specifies a sonnet. I prefer the 4–4–4–2 format: three grammatically complete four-line stanzas plus a closing couplet that packs either a pithy summary or a surprise ending.

And I choose an acrostic sonnet just because that’s my sense of humor. So, 14 letters concerning the environment. Hmmm – the oceans will cover up most areas currently situated less than 25 feet above current sea level because we’ve already put enough CO2 into the skies today to get us there. Why is that? Because the effect is cumulative, and each new thumpty-thousand tons of the stuff adds, and adds, and adds, until there’s a new stable state. So if we see an effect now, – – it hasn’t reached its stable state. Even if our carbon footprint goes to zero, global weather will continue to warm up – – – it will be a rough ride. We don’t need to cut back on our carbon footprint, we need to go negative and in a BIG way. Like, in the next 20 years, undo the prior 200 or so.

How? Fusion power will supply the energy needed to scavenge CO2 from the atmosphere. Convert it into humpty-thumpty-billions of tons of carbon fiber and carbon sheet materials. That should make a futurist’s eyes bug out.

’Scuse me but 14 letters is 14, and carbon footprint is 15.

Come listen now and hear the tale of smoke
And air and trapping heat. The blanket sits
Real high up there; it takes a science bloke,
Beset to ‘splain it to us layman shits.
On come the usu’l suspects, claiming cash
Negates the pointy-headed science guys;
Forgive me dearie, but it’s plain their mash-
Up factoids aren’t unanimous: get wise!
Two whole percent of scientists now say
Poo-poo to you, their proof is less-than-tight,”
Refreshing those who need a way to slay
In toto what the ninety-eight call right.
No doubt about it, boys and girls, forsooth,
Too many fools mix short-term bliss with ‘truth’.

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