For Christians that support the theory of evolution, why would God allow humans to change if certain changes might stop us from practicing some of the things the Bible teaches?

The question seems to include a “you can’t get there from here” premise. The real answer is fairly simple, and only requires that the questioner slide a step or so away from deeply rigid ideas of God, Sin and “change”.

Without the fine print, God said (Genesis 1:3) “Let there be light” but that was 13.8 billion years ago. John 1:1–2 names Jesus as the Word who made all things that were made, so if you take the Spirit part of the Trinity as breath and ’said’ as releasing the Word  as second part of the Trinity, we wind up with a span of time, 13.8 billion years, and scope, two hundred sextillion stars in the viewable universe, or 2 followed by twenty-three 0’s. Neither number is of major consequence to an infinite God, and evolution of homo sapiens on OUR planet revolving around OUR star collapses to “an inconvenient truth.”

In short, choosing to inhibit GOD from revealing Himself more than via one brief liturgy, i.e. Genesis 1, looking the other way when we find a different telling with fewer days and a different sequence in Genesis 2, we commit a grave mistake. Never quibble with the Infinite over purpose, methods, or timing. Recall what happened when Job tried that. (Job withdrew his objections, and GOD redoubled his material riches.)

Should we try that, with the 13.8 billion and 2E23 numbers? Nowhere will you find GOD telling His children, “Look into the skies to see my many signs and wonders, but don’t look too close, lest you become confused.” Rather, God reveals Himself in full detail when we peer into the vastness of space. We count galaxies, and draw the inescapable conclusion that  the original Israelites wouldn’t have known what to do with things He discloses now via the overwhelming beauty of His complex Creation. If you thought “in the fulness of time” related to six thousand years, try thirteen point eight – you need to multiply by three point two million.

We wound up being created with free will and emotions and a degree of intelligence. Taking those together, we were created imperfect and sinful. Yes a perfect and loving God made us; ask HIM why He did it this way, but don’t expect any better answer that Job got when decided to question God.

Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for another – and greater love hath no God than to crowd himself into a human shell, endure its pains and problems for 30-plus years (my nickel says born in June of 2 BCE, visited by Wise Men on 25 December of that year, precisely in “the fullness of time” and with a loving chuckle from the Creator, and accepted the most humiliating and painful form of human death, laying down His life so that we may be washed clean and enabled to enter into Heaven.

Change? That’s the nature of free will and intelligence, both of which we presume allow us to think of ourselves as made in God’s image.

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