Why doesn’t god allow anyone to have god power?

Partly because he doesn’t make gods. The Triune God of Christianity isn’t an exception because each aspect of the Godhead is, from here, a permanent fixture.

God said “Let there be Light” 13.8 billion years ago and made at least, to the best of astronomers’ ability to estimate, two hundred sextillion stars (2E23) – why so many? Not my pay grade, but I’ll guess that he had all the time in the world (don’t chuckle – that’s a serious statement) and made enough such that on at least one planet circling one of those 2E23 stars, the first cell would form simply by random motion of pre-organic compounds. LOTS of ocean, LOTS of time, and 2E23 stars-worth of planets. The math isn’t precise, but my nickel says God did it this way for reasons that worked for Him.

Now, given all that, (1) the earth isn’t the whole universe, and (2) everyone on earth is a DNA creature. Therefore (3) novelists and dramatists and dreamers (I repeat myself) may imagine god-like powers for DNA creatures, but so far as I know God never said anything about that.

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