Can you pick and choose who you want to “save” or is it God who saves?

It is hubris to think this question has any real answer. We react imperfectly, preach imperfectly, and in the huge majority of cases have NO IDEA what eventually becomes of any soul we interact with.

Apostle Paul said this: “My most righteous acts are like used menstrual bandages,” when compared to the perfect righteousness of God. Martin Luther seemed to be responding to that when he wrote, in Latin, pecca fortiter. The English for that is “sin bravely.” So these deeply seminal Christian thinkers lead me to the understanding that, while God prepares works for us to do (Ephesians 2:8–10) and encourages us therefore to get off the sofa and go out bravely, we neither know we have done exactly what God has appointed us to do, or even whether we have managed to do what God has appointed us to do. Ephesians doesn’t reveal that part.

As to “save” God does that – all we do is sow seed, water it, cultivate, etc. The plant bearing fruit happens on God’s watch.

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