What is the difference between being lucky and being blessed? Are they both from God?

God doesn’t prevent a malicious or unfortunate etc. act or event. But His promise is that He will bring something good out of it for those who love him. Might a Christian die in a horrible way? The ‘good’ is that the transition to immortality, however rough it may be, is a transition to eternal joy where all tears are wiped away. Might a Christian suffer great damage yet live through it? Eventually a hindsight will reveal that the individual is, well, blessed in an unexpected way.

Just in the general case, very often a major loss (limb, spine, sight, etc.) drives one to a very sad place, but within about three years that person’s “happy-stat” has returned to where it was before. General view of life, optimism toward the future, enjoying the ‘now’ may have been bad before – they return to no worse than that. Or they were all rocket high – and get there again. God built us to absorb those transitions, if you will. And in fact you will find people who, once the adjustment completes, swear they wouldn’t go back to ‘before’ even if they had the choice.

Blessings are from God – it’s the only way He intervenes, as far as I can tell. On one specific occasion he hardened a heart (Pharaoh in Egypt, ten plagues and TEN hardenings of the heart afterward.) But he also lets the rain fall on the just and the unjust.

There’s no yardstick by which one measures karma in the Christian universe, except one. That is Christ on the cross, where He took all our sins onto himself, suffered the deepest possible kind of ostracism, i.e. being cast out from all that is Holy, and died there. He washed away our sins, so that our ‘consequence’ or ‘karma’ would not fall on us. Instead we are cleansed by laying our pride and nature at Jesus’ feet, exchanging a broken and contrite heart for Ultimate forgiveness. The ‘broken and contrite heart’ is the flip side of ‘peace that passes all understanding.’ One coin, two sides.

May that blessing find its way to you!

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